A Beautiful Rose

wO.. o.. I've got a TAG ehm no a rose ehm i think i've got both hehehe. I've just got my first tagged from simbah adi . Yeee... thank you.. thank you... Even i've sigh to him before (why me, simbah?)

Wow, what a surprised me because I never get a rose in my whole life time before! You don't have believe me but you have to trust me hehehe poor me!

Rose hmm... It grown on yard of my house, my mom planted it. There is many colours of rose like red, pink, yellow, white, black. One of beautiful flower and it always related to a beautiful woman, a beautiful lady. It symbolize romance too coz it can express feeling that you in love with someone. So sweet... hehehe. By the way, rose is thorny and you have to be carefull coz you can get stabbed it if you're not.

And then i will dedicate this present to prove my love to you my friend (cie...cie...) Congratulation to mba-Lyla, Alfin, Cak-Youdee, mba-Chera, Little-Apple.